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Welcome to Imusion Studio! At Imusion Studio We offer various resources aimed at graphic designers and webmasters. These things range from website templates to signature kits. Our goal is to provide the resources at your fingertips with no hassle. That is why all our content is hosted right on Imusion to ensure all links are working.

Formal Goodbye
Hi everyone,

I never got a chance to say this and many of you have probably noticed this but this is to announce the unfortunate official end of Imusion Studio.

It was great while it lasted. I appreciate and thank every single one of you who have helped make Imusion Studio what it was. Those who poured their time and skills to make the community so great. All of you are awesome and I thank each and every one of you for that. I also want to take the time to specifically thank the staff and administration at Imusion Studio. I'm sorry for the lack of direction and guidance near the end of Imusion. But I thank all of you for your continual persistance in helping make Imusion the great community that it was. I want to thank the members who visited us and contributed to Imusion. Thank you.

Personally, I have learned so much from my experience in building Imusion Studio from the beginning. I have learned about so many things on my journey to create Imusion Studio. I hope at the same time through the Imusion, we have been able to help others as well with the resources that we've created or helped inspire others.

It's sad to see all this come to an end because when I look back at all of this, I had an amazing time with Imusion Studio. I look back at how much time I poured into building Imusion Studio and how much I enjoyed it, how much I enjoyed the community.

The website will remain online for as long as the server can be maintained online. So all resources will still remain up, the site will be accessible but the forums will be put to an official end in a few months to prevent spam etc from overrunning the database.

Once again I thank you all for making everything that Imusion Studio was and is.

Thank you,
Posted: February 2 2010, 07:28PM » Johnathan
PM Spam - Fix will be issued asap
We are aware of the PM spamming problem. Invision Power Board has issued a fix for this as well. The patch will be applied as soon as it is verified as working, otherwise we may temporarily disable PM to ensure the integrity of our forum system for all of our members.

And I'm sincerly sorry for those who have already been spammed from this bot.

Rest assured, we will take immediate action to stop this current wave of spam.

Posted: April 12 2009, 08:30PM » Johnathan
Spam Cleanup
I know it's been a prevalent problem on our main website commenting system for the past couple of years. We always try to actively fight the spam and prevent it as best we can but the sheer popularity of Imusion Studio and our resources makes us a prime target from spammers.

We always believe in an openness and hassle free experience for our users that is why we have time and time again refused to force user registration to view, rate, or even comment on all the freely available resource we have on our website.

I know the spam gets annoying sometimes. I have performed a cleanup of the comments which removed about 3000+ spam comments in our system, so things should be better now. Also I have implemented some new techniques to see if they will ward off the spam.

I hope these measures and tweaks I've done will be sufficient in fighting the spam problem on our main website and I'm very sorry about how annoying the spam can be at times and the response time we have in cleaning them up. We hope that your browsing experience at Imusion Studio will continue to be as enjoyable as possible.

Johnathan | IS Team
Posted: March 23 2008, 08:07PM » Johnathan
Planned Downtime - Completed
A planned downtime is scheduled for Thursday March 13th, 2008 at 12am EST with a 2 hour window for this planned downtime to occur. During this time, the forum will be temporarily closed and should be back online in the morning.

During this planned downtime, we are moving the site onto a faster sever which should improve performance of the site for everyone at all times of the day as we have been experiencing problems at certain times of the day where the site has been inaccessible for our users.

Everything should go as planned. I'll update everyone on the details once this move has been completed.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

John | IS Team

Update: This move has been completed. There were some issues which caused the move to take much longer than expected. Sorry for the inconvenience of this. Hopefully the new server will give our site much better performance.
Posted: March 12 2008, 09:20PM » Johnathan
Power Outage
This is a notice about an incident earlier on today.

Our data centre which houses our server suffered a power outage for a brief moment earlier in the day. The backup generators were fired up while the power being fed into the data centre was being monitored. I was told that some complications occurred and UPS, generators, switches were failing everywhere. As the techs worked to restore all the servers in the data centre and restart the routers, the entire data centre experienced a high load and traffic coming into the network.

This high load of all the servers being restored and routers being started up might affect the speed of the network as whole and as a result affect the loading speed of our site as well.

I apologize for the inconvenience, especially those who are using our remotely hosted skins. The problem should defuse slowly and speed/loading time should go back to regular acceptable levels. Thanks for continually choosing our Imusion Studio resources!

John | IS Team
Posted: January 9 2008, 09:42PM » Johnathan
Happy New Year
Happy New Year!

Posted: January 1 2008, 01:31PM » NASCARFan
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